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Arctic Ease Reusable Instant Cold Wrap Large Size Measures 4” X 60”

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Treat your aches and pains with soothing cold relief with Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap. Instant Cold Wrap is a 4" by 60" reusable cold compression wrap that stays on securely even while active.


  • Arctic Ease provides hours of cool relief from pain and swelling without the discomfort of ice frozen gel packs or the irritation and odor of menthol.
  • Arctic Ease cold wraps absorb heat energy from the body. The absorbed heat is then removed by evaporation allowing for hours of targeted cold therapy
  • Relieves the discomfort of muscle strain bruises sprains repetitive motion injuries arthritis bruises plantar fasciitis and muscle cramps.
  • Can be used before during and after exercise. Once Arctic Ease wraps are applied they’ll stay where you put them without the need for tape or clips.
  • Re-usable - just follow the package directions.


30 Day Warranty